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Keanu Reeves As Wolverine: Will It Happen?

Marvel wants Keanu Reeves to appear as Nightmare in the Doctor Strange spin-off.

Will He Appear As Wolverine

As indicated by Sources, Nightmare will be the main villain in the following Doctor Strange film. On the off chance that the plans to catch Keanu fail to work out, Marvel is additionally hoping to get either David Tennant or Matt Smith, both of whom would be amazing picks for the part.

Keanu Reeves Still Wants to Play Wolverine
Source: CBR

Wonder has a few characters as a top priority for Keanu, so it won’t be apocalypse if he doesn’t get the Multiverse of Madness portion. It’s muddled what else could be in the store for Keanu. However, Kevin Feige, the Marvel president, has confessed to moving toward the entertainer.

In an ongoing meeting, Kevin Feige told me that he is consistently in conversations with Keanu about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main explanation Keanu presently can’t seem to land a role is that they haven’t found the ideal match.

It’s impossible to say if Marvel will unquestionably sign Keanu Reeves. Yet, there is no uncertainty that fans couldn’t want anything more than to see him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s Dc’s Thinking About Keanu Role

While Marvel is attempting to make sure about Keanu with a role, DC is right now in converses with bringing back the on-screen character for a Constantine spin-off. Keanu spoke to the character in the 2003 film, Constantine, and Keanu has informed that he might want to return to the role at some season.

There are some different bits of gossip and rumors that DC needs Keanu to proceed as Deathstroke in another film. However, nothing official has been affirmed.

Taking a gander at the offers, fans have guessed that DC is doing everything in its ability to prevent Keanu from joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, regardless of whether that implies conveying a couple of considers back along with the crease.

Being that said, nothing can forestall Keanu from having an impact in the two universes. Normally, Actors who act in the MCU don’t work at the DC universe. However, Keanu can go without much of a stretch break that custom.

Here are Characters That The Stars Can Play.

Marvel is as of now in converses with Keanu Reeves for the role of Nightmare in Dr. Peculiar Multiverse of Madness, and on the off chance that Marvel couldn’t snare Reeves for Nightmare, at that point Marvel has a few roles for Reeves in their overlap.

Marvel can offer Reeves taking up the mantle of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman left the important role. There are a few choices that Reeves can get the part of Adam Warlock or Moon Knight.


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