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GTA Vice City Remastered: Will There Be A Version With Improved Graphics?

Grand Theft Vice City was one of the best games every gamer crossed around, and the game depicts the story of a young thug who rules the whole scenario of gang wars. In this age of remastering the games, Vice city should be on the top of the list of the games which needed serious modification.

GTA Vice City Remastered

GTA Vice City should be released with improvised graphics and textures as nowadays it’s evident that games are remastered week in week out.

For instance, Call of Duty already almost remastered its Modern Warfare series as Modern Warfare 2 recently got remastered. So why not GTA vice city as the game had so many connections with some gamer’s fan childhood and their style of playing.

GTA 5 Vice City Mod 

if you are so desperate to play GTA Vice City with improvised graphics, then you should definitely try GTA 5 mod of Vice city, which features the city with improvised graphics and textures. But the de-merit of the mod is that it’s just a part of the city, not the whole game. So there are no missions to follow up. So if you only want to stroll the streets of Vice City, then the mod is for you.

But in our opinion, there should be a separate remastered GTA Vice City, as there is a long way to play the next edition of GTA. So we hope that Rockstar Games should consider this move and bring the remastered version of GTA Vice City as soon as possible.


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