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How to Capture A Screenshot In A Windows Personal Computer (PC)

Taking screen captures can appear to be somewhat ordinary to the extent tech abilities go, however, it’s a significant regular aptitude no different. Screen captures are helpful grinding away, can be vital for your records, or even mentioned by technical support to clarify a bug you’re encountering. Or on the other hand, you may simply need to catch an intriguing second occurring on your screen.

Yet, in case you’re going to take a screen capture on a Windows PC, it merits recollecting that there’s more than one approach to make them. These choices can incorporate utilizing the Print Screen key, sending screen captures to OneDrive, catching one by means of the Game bar, and others. Our included strategy utilizes the Paint program, however, you can alter screen captures with about any first or outsider instruments.

Stage 1: Capture the picture

Windows gives six strategies to catch your work area as a picture. Three depend on the Print Screen (PrtScn) key while the staying three require the Windows (Win) key.

On outside consoles, you’ll locate a committed PrtScn key situated in the upper-right corner. The Win key regularly dwells on the lower left between the Control (Ctrl) and Alternate (Alt) keys. It sports the Windows logo, so it’s not hard to miss.

On PCs, the Print Screen order might be joined with another capacity on a solitary key. For this situation, you should press the Function (Fn) key notwithstanding the Print Screen key.

Here’s a breakdown of the six-screen catch orders:

  • Print Screen (PrtScn) – Captures the whole screen. On the off chance that you have more than one presentation, this capacity catches everything that appeared over completely associated shows as a solitary picture. As a matter of course, this technique doesn’t spare your picture as a record, yet only sends the caught picture to the clipboard.
  • Alt + Print Screen – Captures a solitary window. Make certain to feature the objective window first, for example, a record or program, before squeezing these two keys (or three on a PC). Of course, this technique doesn’t spare your picture as a record however just sends the caught picture to the clipboard.
  • Win + Print Screen – Captures the whole screen. The distinction here is that Windows spares the picture as a document. Of course, it’s sent to C: Users<user name>Pictures>Screenshots on your PC.
  • Win + Shift + S – Capture a screen capture utilizing the inherent Snip and Sketch apparatus. The screen darkens and gives four decisions on a little toolbar: Rectangular, Freeform, Window, and Fullscreen. This device doesn’t spare catches as a picture however simply sends them to the clipboard. We develop this later in the guide.
  • Win + G – Opens the Game bar. Snap the screen capture catch and this apparatus spares a picture to C: Users<user name>Videos>Captures naturally. To utilize this device, ensure the Game bar’s screen catch include is flipped on in Settings > Gaming > Game bar.
  • Win + Alt + Print Screen – Captures the whole screen. This order spares a picture to C: Users<user name>Videos>Captures as a matter of course. To utilize this device, ensure the Game bar’s screen catch highlight is flipped on in Settings > Gaming > Game bar.

Now and again, the screen gleams or darken to imply that Windows got a screen capture. On the off chance that this doesn’t occur, open File Explorer and head to the default areas to check whether Windows spared your picture.

In case you’re utilizing OneDrive, you can spare screen captures to the cloud so they’re available from each gadget. It doesn’t spare screen captures of course. Rather, you should right-tap on the cloud symbol stopped close to the framework clock and snap Settings on the spring up menu. Next, click the Backup tab in the subsequent spring up window and check the container under Screenshots.

For this situation, you can press the initial three Print Screen orders to consequently spare a picture to OneDrive. You won’t see the screen glimmer or diminish — you’ll get a warning. Make certain to synchronize the Screenshots organizer on the off chance that you need to get to the pictures on your PC.

At last, on the off chance that you have Dropbox, screen captures may consequently transfer the Screenshots organizer in your distributed storage, which might be perfect for your “Exhibit.”

Stage 2: Open Paint

In the event that you utilized a technique that spares your screen capture locally as a record, you can find and view the picture utilizing the Photos application. In the case of everything looks incredible, you can move it, join it to an email, transfer it to the cloud, etc. In any case, in the event that you have to trim a picture — particularly those taken on PCs with more than one screen — you have three local apparatuses available to you: Paint, Paint 3D, and Photos.

Contrasted with Paint and Paint 3D, Microsoft’s more up to date Photos application is fairly restricted. You can turn and yield pictures, change their angle proportion, apply channels, modify the shading, expel red-eye, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can’t draw or paint on your pictures, nor would you be able to take a picture without any preparation and glue from the clipboard.

In this guide, we utilize the more established Paint program since it’s recognizable and solid. As a matter of course, you won’t think that it’s recorded on the Start Menu. Rather, type Paint in the taskbar’s pursuit field and snap the subsequent work area application.

Paint may likewise be accessible when you right-click on a picture. At the point when the spring up menu shows up, drift your mouse pointer over the menu’s Open With the alternative to see Paint recorded on an auxiliary menu.

On the other hand, you can find the program — mspaint.exe — in the C: WindowsSystem32 index. Right-click on the record and select Pin to Start on the spring up menu.


Stage 3: Paste the screen capture (clipboard as it were)

You’ll require this progression in the event that you utilized a screen capture strategy that sends your catch to the clipboard.

With Paint open, click the clipboard-style Paste button situated in the upper left corner. You can likewise press the console’s Ctrl and V keys to glue the picture on Paint’s clean canvas, which grows appropriately.

With your screen capture appropriately embedded into Paint, you can trim, paint, make shapes include content, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On the off chance that you need to include stickers, 3D shapes, impacts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, click the brilliant Edit with Paint 3D button situated on the toolbar’s correct end.

Stage 4: Save the screen capture


This strategy applies to all screen capture strategies.

At the point when you wrap up the picture, click the principle File choice in the upper-left corner. Next, select Save As in the drop-down menu. This choice extends with a determination of four record groups — PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF – alongside the Other organizations alternative to spare your picture as a TIFF or HEIC document.

In case you’re curious about picture positions, look at our guide, JPEG versus PNG: When and Why to Use One Format Over the Other.

Whatever design you pick, a popup window shows up. Enter a document name and select your ideal record group starting from the drop menu. You can choose a particular goal as well in the event that you would prefer not to spare your screen capture in the default area.

At the point when you’re prepared, click the dim Save button in the base right corner.

Choices: The Snipping Tool

Capture the picture screen

The best elective local strategy is the Snipping Tool. This inherent screen-catch utility functions admirably enough, however, it’s not the most powerful or flexible with regards to sparing a preview. In any case, it’s a utility that permits clients to more readily characterize and catch segments of their work area show as screen capture.

To begin, simply type Snipping Tool into the taskbar’s inquiry field and select the subsequent application. When it opens, you’ll see a warning that it’s moving to another home in a future update. It’s as yet an accessible device yet Microsoft urges you to utilize Snip and Sketch or the previously mentioned Win + Shift + S console easy route.

With the Snipping Tool opened, click the Mode catch to grow its menu. You’ll discover four screen-catching choices: Draw a window (Free-Form Snip), enclose a zone (Rectangular Snip), catch the present window (Windows Snip), and catch the whole screen (Full-Screen Snip).

Note that in the event that you utilize the Free-Form and Rectangular modes, the screen turns white. When you start characterizing the screen capture space, the white color clears inside that zone. In case you’re catching a particular window, your screen colors white put something aside for the substance inside that window.

The Snipping Tool incorporates a defer highlight as well. It can hold up between one to five seconds before it snaps a screen capture so you can catch an exact second in a video or liveliness. You would then be able to take rehashed clips in a similar mode just by squeezing the Alt and N keys.

When you catch a screen capture, the Snipping Tool interface grows to show your screen capture. You can perform light alters like utilizing a pen, highlighter, and eraser. You can likewise tap the brilliant Paint 3D catch to play out extra alters in the more up to date application.

At the point when you’re finished altering inside the Snipping Tool, click File in the upper left corner and afterward click the Save As alternative recorded on the drop-down menu.

Choices: Snip and Sketch

Cut and Sketch is Microsoft’s more current form of its clipping utility. You can get to this instrument from the Start Menu or by composing Win + Shift + S on your console.

On the off chance that you utilize the console easy route, the screen obscures and renders a five-button toolbar along the top. You have similar capacities found in the more seasoned Snipping Tool, yet it doesn’t spare your screen captures as a document. Rather, the picture goes directly to your clipboard.

In the event that you load the Snip and Sketch application rather, click New in the upper left corner and select Snip Now in the drop-down menu. The screen obscures and the five-button toolbar shows up. For this situation, the screen capture stacks inside the application, permitting you to edit the picture, apply a marker, pencil, highlighter, and eraser.

At the point when you’re prepared, spare the picture anyplace on your PC by tapping the plate style button. In the event that you need to alter and spare the screen capture utilizing any introduced picture editorial manager, click the three-speck symbol on the toolbar and select the Open With the alternative on the drop-down menu.


In the event that you need many more choices for picking and redoing your screen captures (and wouldn’t fret downloading another application), we recommend checking out LightShot. LightShot might be a superior choice for progressively proficient work or screen captures that need critical altering.

We additionally recommend the GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP. It’s an open-source device for creatives who would prefer not to pay for an Adobe Photoshop membership. It gives all that you have to make work of art, alter superior quality pictures, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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